Friday, September 27, 2013

Reflections and Shadows

                                                                 Seattle Weather
                                                                    Tunnel to Success
                                                                  Hidden Story
                                                                     Reflection of Books
                                                                Leaves of Life
                                                                      Square of Life
                                                                        Mirror Image
                                                                  The Purosal
                                                                   Whats Good!


  1. I like the picture of the umbrella. The way you edited the picture so it could become black and white was very clever, it makes the picture have both a reflection and a shadow. I see that you have a very artistic eye.

  2. Agreeing with Francisco above, your use of black and white in the umbrealla picture is a wise move. I really like how the shadow of the umbrella contrasts with the tone of the lighting reflected across the body of water surrounding the umbrealla shadow. This picture really demonstrates the tone of Seattle's weather, painting a strange bedfellow's mix of deariness, and simple, natural, beauty.

  3. I'm really a fan of the "Seattle Weather" photo. With the umbrella saying that rain is Seattle weather as well as the puddle on the ground. Your shadow pictures is kind of photos of reality mixed with shadows, It's creative.

  4. Very playful! I like the way you included things that you could relate to and did it in an interesting way through this assignment. Keep up the good work!